Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Camelot's Doom

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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Camelot's Doom

Welcome to another battle report where I use old Warhammer rules to play with 90mm toys!

Today's adventure is set on the dark and mist-shrouded isle of Albion, in the days of the legendary King Arthur. The game took place on a 3' x 3' table and lasted for roughly two hours. As the title suggests, we used the Combat rules from Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st Edition (1986). We did not use point values. Each of us had four members in our war-party, all of which were Minor Heroes, except the leaders, who were Major Heroes.

Let the story commence!

Arthur and his three most trusted knights, Sir Lancelot, Sir Galahad and Sir Perceval are on the trail of a band of heathen outlaws, led by the notorious Irish reaver, Cormac the Gael. Tracking them to their forest lair, Arthur and his men prepare for a bloody assault...

From left to right: Sir Galahad, Sir Perceval, King Arthur Pendragon, Sir Lancelot

From left to right: Bozog the Ogre, Bran the Pict, Cormac the Gael, Athelstane the Saxon

The foul heathens, wearing less armour and faster on their feet, won the initiative and moved in to defend their turf.

The fighting was brutal, bloody and desperate.


Sir Galahad cut down Athelstane with his bastard sword, splitting him open from the neck to the belly in a shower of blood.

Bran the Pict returned the favour with his own sword, cleaving through Sir Galahad's plate harness and leaving him a bloody, twitching mess on the ground.

Brave Sir Lancelot thought to take on Bozog the Ogre single-handedly, but soon realised the error of his judgement after Bozog smashed his giant hammer through Lancelot's shield and crushed his left arm to a pulp. Lancelot turned to flee but a second blow from the hammer killed him instantly.

Sir Perceval, wearing an excessive amount of armour, could only move with the greatest of difficulty and was too late to assist Sir Lancelot. However, he charged at Bozog anyway to avenge his fallen comrade. Although Perceval's armour was some help, even saving his life a few times as Bozog rained down blow after blow with his hammer, it could not last indefintiely. With a mighty blow, Bozog pounded Sir Percevel's head and crushed his skull instantly.

King Arthur, meanwhile, fought both Cormac and Bran at the same time. Well protected beneath his armour, Arthur resisted many a blow, and finally clove straight through Cormac's head with a decisive cut from his bastard sword, Excalibur, before slicing off Bran's arm at the shoulder and splitting through his rib-cage in a single strike.

Now all lay dead, save for Arthur and Bozog.


Wisely knowing this giant to be too great a foe for him, Arthur invoked the hidden power of Excalibur. A Spell Rune, carved into the finely-wrought hilt by the Lady of the Lake, lit up at Arthur's word of command and worked a wondrous magic. Excalibur's blade suddenly shone as bright as the noonday sun in a blinding flash, dazzling Bozog and giving Arthur a few seconds with which to make his escape, which he did with great haste!

Although Cormac the Gael was slain, and his fearsome band was reduced to a single Ogre, Arthur had lost three of his best knights that day. Surely this grevious loss of chivalry had struck a blow that could never be healed in these dark, uncertain days, and sounded the doleful knell...of Camelot's doom!

Note: my friend David and I last played with these rules in 2016 and had forgotten a fair bit. We were quite confused about a number of things and made a few mistakes during the first couple of rounds, such as forgetting to add the character's Toughness score to the armour rating, and we got very puzzled about how parrying worked. I'm still not 100% sure we played everything right, and I also forgot to use the Winning and Fear rules, but we had a very good time and I look forward to playing more of these in the future.
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Re: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Camelot's Doom

Having fun is more key in my book than accurately remembering all the rules. If you had a good time . . . that's a winner!

Well, unless you're Sir Lancelot. Or Bran. Or Aethelstan. Or . . . oh, what a bloody mess you made! :D

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