WFB 3rd edition : Orcs in the jungle

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WFB 3rd edition : Orcs in the jungle

Upon his cavern throne of jade, atop the highest ziggurat,sits the emperor Mazdamundi. Brightest star of the firmament and lord of all waters of the world pond. Throughout this land of mountain, jungle and water, the Slann armies enforce the rules of empire.
Nowadays,the Slann empire becomes increasingly thretened.These days Mazdamundi sits restlessy upon his throne, his waking dreams disturbed by vision of destruction and death.

A new threat was revealed : A horde of the most debased creatures of the entire world : the goblinoïd ! The allmighty Varrash Ghoulreaper led his force to burn and loot the numerous treasures of the old ones. The Slann Mage Kopa Kapana and his faithfull warriors was sent to eliminate the menace.

A new Oldhammer battle Niko ( Slanns) and David ( Orcs and goblins) at Nanterre ( near Paris).

The armies , 2000 pts on each side , WFB 3rd edition rules.

The Greenskin :
Varrash lvl 20 + 9 Snortas
1 lvl 15 orc boss + 29 Boyz
12 arrer boyz ( skirmishers)
10 Goblin wolf riders
1 lvl 15 goblin boss + 19 gobbos
1 lvl 15 goblin shaman + 19 stickas
1 lvl 10 black orc + 10 Black orcs
2 spear chukkas
1 leadbelcher
1 stone Thrower

The army of the jade throne :

Kopa Kabana lvl 15 wizard
1 lvl 15 Slann + 19 spawn band
1 lvl 15 Slann + 19 spawn band
10 venom tribes
10 venom tribes
1 beastmaster + 3 giant spiders
1 lvl 5 Slann + 24 human slaves
20 lizardmen warriors
5 Bull slann riders

The armies arrayed for the battle !
[img]<a%20href=[/img]Image" />
[img]<a%20href=[/img]Image" />
[img]<a%20href=[/img]Image" />
[img]<a%20href=[/img]Image" />
[img]<a%20href=[/img]Image" />
[img]<a%20href=[/img]Image" />
Turn 1 for the SlannS
General advance for the whole army and succesfull tests for the poor lobotomized human slaves and the cold ones. Kopa kabana my mage sent a fireball on the helpless crews of the leadbelcher. He only managed to kill a single goblin crew. With no fighting , the turn was short.
Turn 1 for the greenskin.
No problems with animosity except for the wolf riders who squabbled against each others. In the shooting phase, the spears chukkas missed completely , the leadbelcher was out of range and the dreaded stone thrower missed to. Only the arrers boys managed to kill a single venom tribe. In the magig phase , Juju the goblin shaman , sent three fireballs into a spawn band unit and he killed another slann warrior.
Turn 2 for the Slanns
Charge of the Bull Slanns against the black orcs. The blacks orcs are routed and destroyed by the Slanns ! :shock: The missed their fear test against the cold ones ! :roll: But no panic in the ranks of the Greenskins !
Turn 2 for the Greenskins
The goblins unlashed the fanatics ! 6 casualties on the helpless Venom tribes who panic ! The Orc general and the Gruntas charge the Human slaves ! The warmachine of the hordes missed all their target again. Only the leadbelcher managed to inflict 3 wounds to a giant spiders. Juju the goblin shaman cast a "aura of protection" for him.
[img]<a%20href=[/img]Image" />
Turn 3 for the Slanns
Kopa kabana join the safety of Lizardmen. He lost 1 wound from a shoot of the arrer boyz ! :roll: But the spiders charge the orcs who failed their cool test ! poor David !!! But the orcs are numerous and they didn't flee and they even won the fight ! I passed the break test for the spiders. The goblins and the two units of spawn band stands still. There are many fanatics between them. My wizard managed to burn to death several goblins but no panic for them !
[img]<a%20href=[/img]Image" />
[img]<a%20href=[/img]Image" />
Turn 3 for the Greenskins
The orcs are now trapped by the lizardmen and the bull slann. David have a relic banner. He forgot to use it last turn ! :roll: He is immune to psychology !!! But that turn his artillery killed 4 Slann with a bolt thrower and another 9 with the stone Thrower. I was lucky to not panic after this carnage. The Leadbelcher killed 3 Lizardmen. The general and his boarboyz slowly slaughtered my slave. but my lvl 5 hero managed to hold the orc general with a trance blade. :D ( my opponent lost all of his attack unless making a saving throw of 5 or 6 on a D6)
[img]<a%20href=[/img]Image" />
[img]<a%20href=[/img]Image" />
Turn 4 for the Slanns
Despite numerous casualties , the orcs doesn't rout. Thanks to the relic banner ! My Spawn band charged the goblins and after two turn they are routed ! Kopa Kabana cast a "despair" and the surrounded orcs lost 1 to their LD.
[img]<a%20href=[/img]Image" />
[img]<a%20href=[/img]Image" />
Turn 4 for the Greenskins
The battle is over. The orc general is still confused by the magical sword of the Slann hero. The Snortas have wiped out the slave but it is too late. The orc unit are routed and they are slaughtered by the lizardmen, the spiders and the Bull slanns. The Gobbos are defeated and they runaway. . The crews of the spears chukkas and the leadbelcher did the same. The only living things in the horde are the arrers boyzs , wolfboys and the stone thrower.
[img]<a%20href=[/img]Image" />
Varrash , in a tipical orc fashion decided to leave the battlefield with his bodyguard of Snortas. One day he will avenge this cruel defeat.
[img]<a%20href=[/img]Image" />

Kopa kabana is in peace now. The empire is safe ! ………… until the next invasion. :roll: :roll: :roll:

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Re: WFB 3rd edition : Orcs in the jungle

Really enjoyable read, more please!
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