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[Sellswords] Battle Report: Through the Stretto Pass

Today I played the first scenario of what will be my first Solo campaign of "Sellswords & Spellslingers". The first basic scenario was from the rulebook: Through the Badlands pg42.

The Cabal of Graciale cross a wilderness are of the Stretto Pass occupied by Orcs. They must cross the table and exit from the northern edge, avoiding or slaying their foes. The foes are 3 Orc brutes and an Ogre (in the original scenario is a Green Troll, but I have not a Troll, then the ogre have the same stats of the troll but without regeneration).

Kroglod stopped suddenly, sniffing the air, he recognize the acrid smell of his kin: the greenskin.
Kroglod: "Master, Kroglod smells greenskin. Trouble." he said with grunts.
Amron was annoyed, he have hoped to avoid the greenskins, at least for now.
Amron: "Well, we just arrived in these lands of outlaws and yet we found a warm welcome from its natives. My real adventure begins now. Daethskar, Kroglod go on ahead, I will follow you and will cast some fireballs if our green friends will try to stop us."
Daethskar obeyed immediately, while Kroglod followed him reluctantly.

Overview of the board with foes and pcs deployed.

Border Princes map (red star indicate the place where the scenario is played, zoom the picture)


AMRON MALIOCCO GRACIALE "the Bringer of Hope" 20xp
Traits: Spellcaster (20xp), Fireball (5xp)
Negative Traits: Greedy (-5xp)
Amron is the bastard son of the rich merchant and explorer Dante Graciale of Tobaro. He is an half elf. His father never said much about Amron's elf mother. He simply told him that his mother chose his name before abandoning him and that she was a witch. Being an half elf and the result of an illicit relationship, Amron could not be officially recognized by the Graciale family, however his father grew him as his son and he could enjoy a comfortable life. When he was an adult, he finds out to have the spellcaster gift and his father paid a magician to teach him. Dissatisfied with the limiting lessons of his teacher, he decided to begin a journey in the Border Princes, where he could test is magic skills and learn magic faster.

DAETHSKAR "the Dark Knight" 30xp
Traits: Armor lvl2 (12xp), Fighter: Axe lvl2 (10xp), Shield lvl2 (8xp)
Negative Traits: Burly
Daethskar is an animated armor, created by Amron during one of his magic experiments.
He is the loyal body guard of Amron. He follows and protects his master wherever he goes.

KROGLOD "Axe Killer" 10xp
Traits: Armor lvl1 (6xp), Strong Lv1 (4xp)
Kroglod is just an orc mercenary hired by Amron.

An orc warrior jumps out from a bush attacking Kroglod, but he is defeated. Meanwhile Amron cast his fireball and kill an orc brute.
Kroglod: "Kroglod kills! ??
Amron: "Well done Kroglod, you are a good asset after all..." ??

Another orc warrior ambush Amron, but he is killed. An orc brute charge Daethskar but he is defeated. Meanwhile the ogre comes dangerously close.
Amron: "That's an impressive armored ogre. This is not good.?? I will try to avoid him. Daethskar, Kroglod: cover me!" ??

Kroglod impulsively charge the ogre, while Amron and Daethskar move.
Kroglod: "Kroglod stronger stupid big ogre!" ??
Amron: "Good job, Kroglod. keep him busy." ??

Amron temporarily loses his magic powers and could not cast fireballs anymore, then he decide to run to the southern edge, leaving his servants to fight with the greenskins. Daethskar follow him, killing another orc brute.
Amron: "Cursed Gods! I runs out of magical energies! ?? It's time to flee..." ??

Meanwhile Kroglod heroically fight the Ogre, he is wounded but he hurt the ogre too. More wandering hostile orc warriors are arriving behind him.
Kroglod: "Kroglod strong! Kroglod no surrender to big stupid ogre!"

Amron and Daethskar are now distant from the greenskins, however they could still fall in some traps.
Amron: "Move faster Daethskar! (he is a fine body guard, but he is really slow sometime)"

Kroglod finally is defeated by the ogre, a glorious death.
Kroglod: "Gork God! Kroglod is coming!" ??

Amron and Daethskar finally move off the Stretto Pass and are safe.
Amron: "Kroglod is gone, at least he kept busy the Ogre before falling under his blows... Oh, well, he was just an orc, I will hire another greenskin for the next time..."

The Cabal win the scenario and receive 4XP.
Amron gets 26 silver pieces from the treasure taken from 2 orcs and the selling of their swords.
Daethskar gets 22 silver pieces from the treasure taken from 2 orcs and the selling of their swords, plus 1 individual XP reward.
Kroglod is dead and his treasure is lost.