Tilea IC2401 (Campaign#8)

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Re: Tilea IC2401 (Campaign#8)

Sounds like an excellent use of tables to generate the outcomes.

And more fun for you, as GM, to be surprised by the results.

What was the player action or option that allowed this encounter to occur?

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Re: Tilea IC2401 (Campaign#8)

Craig, whose PC is Father Carradalio, is our long distance player. He does everything the other players do, but lives far too far away (more than 300 miles) to command in tabletop battles - another player stands in for him. Previously, he played the arch-lector Calictus II until that character died, then became the Praepositus-Generalis. He's the reason for the Reman unrest and the Disciplinati's bloody seizure of the city, and the reason the civil war suddenly stopped - he decided he would rather fight the vampires than the living army of Remas, playing the religious warrior rather than a tyrant and a usurper.

Anyhow, before Carradalio and his army left Viadaza he knew something in the city was preying on his men, then while he was marching north I was reporting the damage done and he knew it was followng his army. Finally he stopped believing his lieutenants claims that they could deal with it (i.e. me, as GM, telling him what his lieutenants were promising), and ordered that the army would stop so that everyone could concentrate on killing whatever was preying on them. Which is what they did in this story.

You might think that the vampire player, whose PC is the duchess Maria, would want to play the game, commanding his (her?) NPC lieutenant Lord Adolfo but ... that player just dropped out of the campaign, and indeed WFB! (Which is why, in RW terms, the last battle was so short - he quit before taking his turn in turn 1. It is a long story!)

So as GM I had to create the tables and let the dice and the rules rule. I had a long distance player who couldn't attend, taking on the NPC servant of a player who was no longer in the campaign!

Funny old world, eh?
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Re: Tilea IC2401 (Campaign#8)

Well done! Father Carradalio gave his life well in the service of holy Morr. Your campaign is a thing of beauty! I have much to learn from you.

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