Crimson Fists Vs Chaos Khorne synopsis - 1000Pt 8th edition

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Crimson Fists Vs Chaos Khorne synopsis - 1000Pt 8th edition

8th edition rule set with an RT edition army. (I have no oldhemmerites to play with :( )

## Servo Skull 2301.
### Battle of Scratch Town.
#### Partial recordings received from unit due to atmospheric disturbances.

+++ Crimson Fists Vs Chaos Khorne synopsis - 1000Pt +++

Scratch town under attack from forces of Chaos, Crimson Fists answer the call for help.
2 Scout squads with close combat capabilities deploy in offensive positions to prevent deep striking offensive.
Razorback and Thunderfire Cannon (thud gun) under the watch of a Techmarine secure the bottom of the south west ruin along with a bolter scout squad manning the upper floor.
Teleportarium holds Captain, Terminators and Librarian ready for deployment.
Vanguard vets with jump packs deploy overhead and await targets of opportunity.

Bolter Scouts fire for effect at cultists and Hellbrute along with Thunderfire cannon.

Razorback exchanges shots with Predator in distance on hill.

Scouts move forward and are taken by surprise by this beast of Chaos and marines. They engage bravely to buy their battle brothers time. Captain confirms support inbound. Scout squad signal lost. Captain changes deployment coordinates to land beside second scout squad as they engage the advancing Chaos.

Forces deploy from the teleportarium to support ground forces. Captain aids scouts squad 2 as all other resources are utilised or lost.
Thunder hammer terminators deploy to target Hellbrute, Librarian request solo deployment to take out Predator as all other resources committed or lost. Friendly Razorback beacon signal lost. Techmarine reports direct penetrating hit from enemy Predator caught Lazcannon batteries and destroyed unit instantly.

Thunderfire cannon barrels start to glow as tremor shells are fired to slow advancing units. Techmarine reports low ammo stocks and no surviving crew from Razorback..

Vanguards swoop from the sky but land short and heavy due to atmospheric conditions. Heavy landing suspected for failed charge. Unit is lost due to swift counter from Chaos marines and Lord of Chaos, the vanguards having lost the element of surprise. Data from this has been flagged and logged for future investigation.

Terminators take out Hellbrute in perfect codex procedure. They then deal with enemy supporting elements before moving east to deal with units left by failed Vanguard assault. 1 KIA, 1 wounded.

Captain and scouts fight heroically and win at the cost of nill survivors of scout squad 2. Captain, although wounded declines advice to return to ship and continues on foot in direction of enemy. Librarian Octorba was killed instantly by 2 direct Lazcannon shots from the Predator before managing to engage in close combat.

#Servo skull signal lost. It is known that the terminators engaged with and destroyed the Chaos Lord without further casualties and along with bolter fire from the Scout squad in the upper level ruins and Thunderfire shots, finished off the Lords marine retinue.

### Forces of Chaos pulled back and with drew from field of battle at this point. A victory for the Crimson Fists.

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Re: Crimson Fists Vs Chaos Khorne synopsis - 1000Pt 8th edit

Well done, the purple boots on your scouts look great. I hope 40k doesn't go the same way as Fantasy...
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Re: Crimson Fists Vs Chaos Khorne synopsis - 1000Pt 8th edit

Cool Report Jon – I bet it’s been a while since RT mini’s have been used for a battle in that GW store. How well did they fit into 8th (which I know nothing about)?
Both armies looked great – although those Chaos dudes deserve something other than a black base!
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