Tilea IC2401 (Campaign#8)

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Re: Tilea IC2401 (Campaign#8)

I think this last installment was one of your finest.

And the composition of these photos was excellent.

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Re: Tilea IC2401 (Campaign#8)

Padre wrote:So, is this story-campaign-thread still working?

I keep expecting battles, and planning and painting for them, but my players are playing more strategically and politically (well, some of them at least), and trickily too, and so the battles don't appear as often as I think they will, and nor are they what I think they will be. I've been preparing for a big showdown with the Ogres (thus modelling the wagons of loot and the oxen and slaves a-pulling, etc) but from what a certain player said on Sunday in the pub, that might not happen. Doh!

But back to my question ... are these still readable and/or good? I went to stupic amounts of effort for the last one, what with scouring for the right models, buying, converting, painting, photographing and writing/editing. I even researched various Latin prayers!! But if it's not to people's tastes then I will try to do things differently in future!

I do read each and everyone of them when they come up. And I really like them.
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Re: Tilea IC2401 (Campaign#8)

Thanks for the comments, Vonkortez and Orjetax. You have refilled my enthusiasm stores and made me keen to continue. I keep trying to make the campaign stories better, but it helps greatly during the drawn out process if I know someone will be reading them when they're done!
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Re: Tilea IC2401 (Campaign#8)

I like following this campaign, battles or not. It's like The Borgia, but with extra goblins and vampires. Seeing your custom characters and set pieces is a motivation for me to expand my own collection of terrain and interesting sculpts that are suitable for roleplaying and storytelling, rather than just army building.
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